Building and operating your language services business starts with your customer, interpreter and your platform. What do your customers want – self service, transparency, online management tools, real time reporting, faster fulfilment of interpreter requests, lower cost? How do you deliver it quickly and cost effectively? Selecting the platform that is specifically designed for managing in-person and telephonic interpretation services and still position you for tomorrow is not that complex or time-consuming. That's because Telelanguage is making it easier with its cloud Global Interpreter Platform that enables differentiated services while providing an order of magnitude greater agility and cost efficiency in language service operations. Click here to begin your free 30-day trial.

Find the right platform

  • Operating Expense – Increase efficiency of your staff and lower overhead costs
  • Cost of deployment – Rapidly provision complete applications and infrastructure
  • Agility and Control – Retain greater control while meeting agility requirements of your language business
  • Cost of other solutions – GIP is a single, integrated platform that enables LSPs to build differentiated, branded service offerings and solutions
  • Efficiency of resources - Manage interpreters and focus on customers, not the servers
  • Cost of business continuity – Reduce capital expenses for disaster recovery and global site replication
  • Offerings of services – Build on a cloud platform that frees you to focus on providing differentiated services from on-site interpretation to OPI (Over-the-Phone Interpretation) and beyond

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GIP. Unlimited potential.

Address new markets and services. Increase operational efficiency. Lower costs. GIP is a platform that combines storage, compute, networking, security and policy management, and high availability into a single system – all managed through one interface. As the basis for Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), or Virtual Call Center offerings, GIP provides the ability for language service providers (LSP) to bring new, differentiated solutions to new markets fast, and to do so in an efficient and cost-effective, scalable manner.

Bridge your technology gap. Compete and win.

The GIP cloud platform from Telelanguge is a combined business and technology initiative to help LSPs compete against larger companies without major capital expenditures, building and maintaining infrastructure, licencing and high operating costs.By utilizing GIP you will gain  access to the best practice architectures and features that can be rapidly offered to your customers and interpreters, tapping into lessons learned from many proven LSPs implementations and years of continuous uninterrupted operation.

How to sign-up for GIP?

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